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Scheme for Investment Promotion/Make in India

Brief about the Scheme

​Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) is entrusted with the task of formulation of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) policy, monitoring of Ease of Doing Business reforms and Investment Promotion and Facilitation activities. Investment Promotion is being carried out as an activity.

Investment promotion is a multidimensional and complex process which requires continuous efforts to be channelized around Ease of Doing Business, FDI reforms, skill development, infrastructure creation and fiscal incentives. All these activities have been brought into focus after launch of Make in India initiative by the Government in September, 2014 to make India the most preferred investment destination. The Government has put in place a comprehensive FDI policy regime by bringing more activities under the automatic route, increasing sectoral caps and easing conditionalties. In addition to this, a number of measures have been undertaken to ease the business environment of the country. Various State and Central Government services are being integrated on a single window e-biz portal.

Scheme Objectives:-

The Government has been taking various initiatives to promote manufacturing with the key objective of improving competitiveness of the private and public sector firms operating in the country, facilitating their integration into the global value chains and enabling them to better compete in global markets. The various objectives of the scheme include:

Investor Facilitation : Invest India

The objective of Invest India is to act as the first reference point for target investors and provide sector-and state-specific inputs, and hand-holding support to investors through the entire investment cycle, from pre-investment decision-making to after-care. The cabinet in its meeting held on 28th August, 2009 approved the proposal of Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, for the formation of a company, Invest India, under Section 25 of the Companies Act 1956, for promotion of foreign investments. This was in line with the practices followed globally, where every country has a set up a dedicated national level investment promotion agency.

Ease of Doing Business

The objective of this initiative is to speed up implementation of reforms to bring improvement in the business environment of the country. Department/Ministry wise action to be taken under each of the parameters has been identified and nodal Departments/Ministries have been assigned for each parameter. Inter- Departmental reviews are convened at regular intervals to ensure implementation of Action Points. On the front of State-level initiatives of business reforms, efforts are being taken to engage those States which due to historical reasons do not have enough incentives to undertake business reforms.

In this regard, the best practices followed by various States Governments are being shared with States as guidance for undertaking reforms. Further, workshops are being organized with officials of States sensitize them towards reforms and make them understand the processes involved in simplification, digitization etc. States which have implemented more than 90% of reforms have also been requested to handhold the States with less than 40% implementation of reforms.

Financial assistance to the following activities is provided to continue implementing the Ease of Doing Business initiatives:

  1. Continuous engagement with various stakeholders and State Governments. This involves study of best practices followed by the States, study of specific initiatives in other countries and their implementation in India, undertaking study tours and organizing seminars and workshops to disseminate best practices etc.
  2. Improvement of the regulatory environment in States/UTs and ranking them. The implementation of State Business Reforms Plan involves visiting States for conducting validation studies and for implementation of proposed reforms including activities related to seminars and study tours for this purpose.
  3. Preparation of Assessment Report on implementation of State Business Reforms Plan, State ranking and dissemination of these plans/reports through printing including distribution.
  4. Support for workshops/seminars/conferences/roadshows etc. being organized by State Governments, Industry Associations and NGOs in creating awareness of the initiatives undertaken by themselves and Central Governments on Ease of Doing Business.
  5. Engagement of agencies for assistance in activities related to Ease of Doing Business initiative
  6. Support for all financial implications related to setting up and continuation of E-Biz project. This project involves establishment of G2B portal that addresses needs of business and industry through creation of a one stop-shop for convenient and efficient services to all investors.

CEO Forums and Joint Commission Meetings

Support is provided to organize focused Joint Commission meetings at the level of G to G, CEO’s Forum at the level of B to B. including all such similar bilateral/multilateral mechanisms also. The support would also include all financial implication towards visits for such meetings.

International Investment Outreach and its amplification

  • The scheme provides support for organizing international outreach activities (including networking sessions, road shows, exhibitions, one to one meetings,) in collaboration with Indian missions and Industry associations to leverage established connects with investors in a targeted manner. Various outreach platforms for engagements will be explored in priority regions based on analysis in this regard.
  • Support is provided for amplification of investment outreach activities through specific business events/ sector specific business events/ investments meetings organized by Industry chambers. Support will also be provided for outreach activities and its amplification at the sidelines of important global summits like G20, World Economic forum etc.
  • Support is provided for outreach activities in potential regions/cities at a sub-sector level for investment promotion and execution of Market entry support programs. The activities related to participation in key International events based on a prior assessment by developing an event calendar to make such visit maximize investment outreach objectives would also be supported. The level of participation would range from “Partner Country” to small yet effective partnerships with industry CEO’s and media houses at international events, including sector specific events. Identified industry associations would facilitate participation in such events.
  • The assistance is made available for organizing customized Make in India Events to undertake investment outreach and its amplification at identified strategic locations in partnership with Indian Missions, Industry Associations, Invest India and the concerned sectoral ministry. Such activities are being started alongside VVIP visits to focus countries to leverage planned VVIP visits and summits.

The scheme provides support related to expenses to implement above mentioned activities including all financial implication towards involving an India/Foreign agency with proven records for conceptualization and execution of such activities overseas.

Support to Indian Missions in focus countries

Indian missions in focus countries act as the key facilitator for envisaged engagements in the form of participative and owned events, bilateral meetings, summit, VVIP visits etc. Provision is made to provide financial assistance to Indian missions abroad to engage their commercial wings in investment outreach activities and information dissemination about Make in India Initiative and policy initiatives, achievements, sector strengths and improvements in ease of doing business including any other similar showcasing activities.

Foreign Travel

The component on foreign travel will include deputation of official delegations aboard in connection with undertaking various investment outreach and amplification activities.

Domestic Investment Outreach and amplification

The assistance is made available for organizing and participating in key sectoral and investment outreach and amplification activities in the country in association with National level industry associations.

Overall Amplification of Investment promotion and outreach

Focused and extensive deployment of the right media tools is seen as a powerful way to maintain recall of the target audience. Keeping this in mind, provision is made for executing a comprehensive amplification plan with a focus to maintain recall of the Make in India Initiative through extensive usage of digital, social, electronic, outdoor and print media. It will also be an opportunity to communicate to the global business community the achievements of the Indian economy and, in particular, Make in India focus sectors, its positive strides in ease of doing business, developments under Make in India Initiatives. The Department will engage Indian/Foreign creative and media amplification agencies with proven records to formulate a brand strategy and creative vision for the amplification activities including to assist in implementation of envisaged strategy and vision. The Department will undertake production of outreach and amplification material for use in various activities. These may include high quality videos, audios, brochures, business pen drives and other customized items for various outreach activities.

Project Management, Capacity Building, Monitoring and Evaluation

  1. To enable effective management of the scheme, assistance is made available for project management support with concurrent evaluation including capacity building by undertaking industry/sector related reports, preparation of concept paper for innovative projects for attracting investments.

  2. ii. The support is provided for Provision for Program Monitoring Cell (PMC) to monitor the progress of various Action Plans developed from time to time to ensure implementation of Make in India initiatives.

Budget Availability / Utilization since last 5 years*


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Physical Progress against milestones till the end of previous year (i.e. cumulative till 2015-16) and during the year 2016-17

  • Reforms have been initiated for the first time around Ease of Doing Business to boost investor confidence.
  • Ranking of States has been rolled out to make them more competitive and activate stakeholders in attracting investments.
  • Targeted Investor facilitation is being done through Invest India leading to improved investor confidence and interest in India, as a preferred investment destination.
  • FDI Policy reforms have been carried out to open up new sectors for growth.
  • Global recognition of India as a preferred destination for manufacturing and doing business.
  • Champion sectors for manufacturing have been identified and specific interventions are being made to ensure they become more competitive and grow exponentially.
  • Outreach activities and amplification activities have become more streamlined and focused. Country and sector wise targeting of investment promotion activities have been followed coupled with strategic amplification of government policy initiatives. The Make in India brand has acted as a platform for executing these investment promotion activities using focused uniform messaging to highlight both achievements and potential of each sector.
  • An innovative Market Entry Support Programme namely Make in India Mittelstand (MIIM) has been formulated and successfully executed in collaboration with Indian Embassy in Berlin, Germany to assist German Mittelstand companies in entering the Indian market. Efforts are being made to replicate the success of the MIIM programme in other focus markets.
  • Various stakeholders and partners including State Governments, Union Ministries, Indian missions abroad, and Industry associations have been brought together for the first time for implementation of various facets of the initiative.
  • The formulation of the Make in India action plans has helped create a single repository of potential of each sector.
  • Sector achievements have been documented to highlight initiatives undertaken in each of the sectors in the past 2 years covering FDI growth, new policy initiatives/schemes launched, fiscal incentives provided, major investments that have come into India, infrastructure creation, ease of doing business reforms within the sector, skilling initiatives undertaken and details of innovation and R&D projects supported. These efforts have been assessed and recognized globally and for the first time India features among the top countries in terms of investment attractiveness and policy reforms including ranking on Doing Business.

Implementing Agency

The activities covered under the Scheme for Investment and Promotion are carried out by the Department in consultation with different stakeholders like APEX industry associations, Invest India, Indian Missions abroad, Central Government Ministries, State Governments etc.

Government of India
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Scheme for Investment Promotion:
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  • Revised - Public Procurement (Preference to Make in India), Order 2017 Dated: 28-05-2018 (368.57 KB)
  • Product Categories and Associated Ministry/Deptt in respect of Public Procurement (Preference to 'Make in India') Order, 2017 (502.02 KB)
  • List of Champion Sectors (391.31 KB)

Sanction orders issued under Scheme for Investment Promotion (SIP) during FY 2021-22