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Modified Industrial Infrastructure Upgradation Scheme (MIIUS)

Brief about the Scheme

1. Scheme Name :

Modified Industrial Infrastructure Upgradation Scheme (MIIUS)

2. Year of Launch :

MIIUS was notified in 2013 and the original scheme of IIUS was launched in 2003.

3. Brief write up in about 200 words

Industrial Infrastructure Upgradation Scheme (IIUS) was launched in 2003 with the objective of enhancing industrial competitiveness of domestic industry by providing quality infrastructure through public private partnership in selected functional clusters/locations which have potential to become globally competitive. The Scheme was recast in February, 2009 on the basis of an independent evaluation to strengthen the implementation process. A modified version of IIUS viz. ‘Modified Industrial Infrastructure Upgradation Scheme (MIIUS)’ was notified in July 2013. Under MIIUS, projects have been undertaken to upgrade infrastructure in existing Industrial Parks/ Estates/ Areas. Greenfield Projects have also been undertaken in backward areas and North Eastern Region (NER). Projects are being implemented by the State Implementing Agency (SIA) of the State Government. Central Grant upto 50% of the project cost with a ceiling of Rs.50.00 crore is provided under MIIUS with at least 25% contributions of State Implementing Agency and in case of North Eastern States, the central grant and minimum contribution of the SIA are up to 80% and 10% respectively. A two stage approval mechanism has been retained in the Scheme.

Under MIIUS scheme, 21 projects have been sanctioned, out of which 14 projects have been completed and remaining 7 are under implementation. These projects have been provided central assistance of Rs. 371.616 crore (up to 31.08.2021), out of sanctioned central grant of Rs. 390.376 crore. Further, the scheme has not been continued beyond 31.03.2017 for taking up new projects.

  • 4. Detailed Write-up containing:

    1. Scheme Objectives : The key objective of the Modified IIUS is to enhance competitiveness of industry by providing quality infrastructure to catalyse and promote industrial growth, employment generation and technology upgradation.
    2. Budget Availability/ Utilization since last 5 years : (Rs. in crore)
    3. *Format for Budget Availability for Each Scheme / Programme

      Year Plan Allocation
      Plan Expenditure Non-Plan Allocation Non-Plan Expenditure
      2013-14 115 71.69    
      2014-15 115 115    
      2015-16 166/125 125    
      2016-17 152/130.50 130.26    
      2017-18 200/75 75.00    
    4. Implementing Agency

      State Implementation Agencies (SIAs) of State Government such as SIDCs (Small Industrial Development Corporation).

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