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Productivity & Quality Improvement in Cement & Construction Sector

Brief about the Scheme

Keeping in view of the recommendation of Department Related Parliamentary Standing Committee on cement industry, the thrust areas mentioned in the Working Group on cement industry for 12th plan, a total of 09 projects (02 ongoing from 12th Plan and 07 new) are proposed by NCCBM for 12th plan 2012-17. These projects are in the area of cogeneration of power using waste heat in cement manufacture, development of fly ash based geopolymeric cements, investigation on nano particles blended cements, development of composite cements based on OPC, Service life design for concrete structure and design parameters for high strength concrete and three infrastructure development projects. The proposed projects will not only enhance the technical capability of NCCBM but also fulfill the objective of the scheme by providing front line research for cement and construction sector and creating state of art equipment and infrastructure facilities at various units of NCCBM. All the new projects have commenced from 1st April 2013.

  1. Detailed Write-up

    1. Scheme Objectives

      The overall objective of the scheme is to improve the productivity and quality of cement and construction sector of India.

    2. Coverage & Eligibility

      The scheme covers 9 nos. of projects as per the details given in Annexure-1.

    3. Budget Availability / Utilization since last 5 years* : 33.27Crores / 30.63 Crores
    4. Physical Progress against milestones till the end of previous year (i.e. cumulative till 2015-16) and during the year 2016-17

      Please refer Annexure-2 and Annexure-3.

    5. Salient Features in Bullet Form

      The objectives of 9 nos. of projects are given in Annexure-4.

    6. Implementing Agency : National Council for Cement and Building

      Materials, Ballabgarh

    7. Monitoring and Review Mechanism

      Quarterly project progress reports send to DIPP.

    8. Findings of Evaluation, if any

    1. Scheme Guidelines (in searchable PDF / DOC) as amended up to 31.12.2016:

      The scheme is being implemented as per the guidelines provided vide letter no. 18(5)/2011-cement (part)/822 dated 31st October 2013.

    1. Circulars / Notifications / Orders with file name indicating subject line in a self-explanatory manner :

      Budget Availability for Each Scheme / Programme (Rs. In Crores)

    Year Plan Allocation Plan Expenditure Non-Plan Allocation Non-Plan Expenditure
    2012-13 4.71 4.71 9.36 9.36
    2013-14 6.00 6.00 11.10 11.10
    2014-15 8.56 8.56 13.00 13.00
    2015-16 8.00 5.36 14.55 14.55

    Year 2016-17

    Year Plan Allocation Plan Expenditure Non-Plan Allocation Non-Plan Expenditure
    Q1 4.00 4.00 7.40 7.40
    Q2 2.00 2.00 7.20 7.20
    Q3 - - - -
    Q4 - - - -