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Contents Regulation Wise

Reg.1 Short Title, Extent, Application and Commencement
Reg.2 Definitions
Reg.3 General Requirements, Applications of Standard Conditions and Expectations thereto
Reg.3A Inspection of Boiler to comply into any foreign code
Reg.4 Standard Requirements-Material, Construction, Inspecting Authority's Certificates and Maker's Stamp
Reg.4A Application for Recognition
Reg.4B Scrutiny of applications by the Evaluation Committee
Reg.4C Recognition of a firm as Competent Authority, Inspecting Authorities, etc.
Reg.4D Validity of Certificate of Recognition
Reg.4E Renewal of Certificate of Recognition
Reg.4F Application for registration of existing competent authority
Reg.4G Appeal
Reg.4H Function of Evaluation committee
Reg.4I Functions of Appraisal Committee
Reg.4J Procedure for Recognition of Competent Person
Reg.5 Modification of Formulae
Reg.5A Material not fully identified
Reg.6 Standard Specifications for Materials
Reg.7 Boiler Shells not in Accordance with Standard Conditions
Reg.8 Use of Welding
Reg.9 Process of manufacture
Reg.10 Chemical Analysis
Reg.11 Freedom from defects, etc
Reg.12 Rolling Margin
Reg.13 Testing and Inspecting.
Reg.13A Designate steel
Reg.14 Selection of test pieces
Reg.15 Tensile Test pieces
Reg.16 Tensile tests
Reg.17 Number of Tensile Tests
Reg.18 Dump Tests
Reg.19 Bend Tests
Reg.20 Number of Bend Tests
Reg.21 Manufactured Rivets
Reg.22 Additional tests before rejection
Reg.23 Branding
Reg.24 Defacing of rejected material
Reg.25 Facilities for inspection
Reg.26 Steel not produced where rolled
Reg.27 Maker’s Certificate
Reg.28 Rivet Bars
Reg.29 Manufactured Rivets Tests
Reg.30 Stay Bars
Reg.31 Stay Bars - Bend Tests
Reg.32 Special Iron for Screw Stays for Fire-boxes and Combustion Chambers
Reg.33 Plates
Reg.34 Stay and Rivet bars
Reg.35-1 Copper Tubes
Reg.35-2 Brass Tubes
Reg.35-3 Carbon steel tubes
Reg.36 Material process
Reg.37 Selection of Tubes for Test
Reg.38 Tensile and Hardness Tests
Reg.39 Flattening Test
Reg.40 Expanding or flaring test
Reg.41 Additional test before rejection
Reg.42 Hydraulic Test
Reg.43 Material
Reg.44 Tensile, Bend and Flattening tests
Reg.45 Additional tests before rejection
Reg.46 Hydraulic Test
Reg.47 General
Reg.48 Material
Reg.49A Tensile and Hardness Tests
Reg.49B Flattening Test
Reg.49C Expanding  or flaring test
Reg.50 Additional tests before rejection
Reg.51 Hydraulic test.
Reg.52 General
Reg.53A Material
Reg.53B Heat treatment
Reg.53C Workmanship and tolerance
Reg.53D Selection of Tubes for testing
Reg.54A Tensile Test
Reg.54B Bend Test
Reg.54C Flattening Test
Reg.55 Additional tests before rejection
Reg.56 Hydraulic Test
Reg.57 General
Reg.58 Material
Reg.59 Flattening & Flaring test
Reg.60 Tensile Test
Reg.61 Hydraulic test
Reg.62 Test specimens
Reg.63 Number of tests
Reg.63A Material
Reg.73 Scope
Reg.74 Process of manufacture
Reg.75 Freedom from all rectification of defects
Reg.76 Number of tests
Reg.77 Tensile Test
Reg.78 Bend tests
Reg.79 Additional tests before rejection
Reg.80 Procedure for Welding
Reg.81 Forged or rolled pressure parts
Reg.82 Selection of test pieces
Reg.83 Tensile strength
Reg.84 Bend Tests
Reg.85 Additional tests before rejection
Reg.86 General grey iron casting (Grade A)
Reg.87 Provision of test bars
Reg.88 Dimension of test bars
Reg.89 Mechanical test
Reg.90 Transverse test
Reg.91 Tensile test
Reg.92 Number of transverse and tensile tests
Reg.93 Additional Tests
Reg.94 General requirements
Reg.95 Requirements for Normal Penetration Electrodes
Reg.96 Requirements for Deep Penetration Butt-Welding Electrodes
Reg.97 Requirements for Deep Penetration Fillet Welding Electrodes
Reg.98 Periodic Check Test
Reg.98A Filler rods for gas welding of steel
Reg.99 Preparation of Plates
Reg.100 Normalizing of certain steel plates
Reg.101 Minimum thickness of Plates
Reg.102 Cylindrical Shells
Reg.103 Position of Longitudinal Seams
Reg.104 Circumferential and End Seams
Reg.105 Angle Rings
Reg.106 Thickness of Shell Angle Rings
Reg.107 Welded Shell Plates
Reg.108 Longitudinal Seams
Reg.109 Butt Straps
Reg.110 Thinning of Butt Straps
Reg.111 Alternative Construction
Reg.112 Local Welding of Butt Seams
Reg.113 Flat End Plates
Reg.114 Strengthening of Flat End Plate at Manhole
Reg.115 End Plates in steam spaces
Reg.116 Hemispherical Crowns
Reg.117 Dished End and Crown Plates
Reg.118 Tube Plates
Reg.119 Parts of flat tube plates within the tube nests
Reg.120 Flanging of End Plates
Reg.121 Furnaces in general
Reg.122 Furnaces of Horizontal boilers
Reg.123 Furnaces of Vertical Boilers
Reg.124 Longitudinal Seams
Reg.125 Fusion Welded Longitudinal Seams
Reg.126 Furnace Crown
Reg.127 Cross Tubes
Reg.128 Uptakes
Reg.129 Loco Type Fireboxes
Reg.129A Welded Joints in Copper Fire Boxes
Reg.130 Bar Stays
Reg.131 Longitudinal Stays
Reg.132 Nuts and Washers for Stays
Reg.133 Jointed Stays
Reg.134 Diagonal Bar or Rod Stays
Reg.135 Screwed Stays
Reg.136 Axial drilling
Reg.137 Stay Nuts
Reg.138 Spacing of End Stays – Allowance for curves, etc.
Reg.139 Girder Stays for Firebox and Combustion Chamber Crowns
Reg.140 Gusset Stays
Reg.141 Breathing Space
Reg.142 Gussets Angles
Reg.143 Load on Gusset Stay
Reg.144 Gusset Riveting
Reg.145 Steel and Wrought Iron Tubes
Reg.146 Fitting of Plain Tubes
Reg.147 Screw Threads of Stay Tubes
Reg.148 Stay Tubes
Reg.149 Thickened ends of Stay Tubes
Reg.150 Load on Stay Tubes
Reg.151 Steel Tubes
Reg.152 Attachment of Steel Tubes
Reg.153 Copper Tubes
Reg.154 Headers, Mud Boxes, etc., of Water Tube Boilers
Reg.155 Stand Pipes and Pads
Reg.156 Design of stand pipes
Reg.157 Pressed Plate Saddles
Reg.158 Seating for Mountings
Reg.159 Attachment of Mountings
Reg.160 Insufficient thickness of End Plates
Reg.161 Attachment of Water and Pressure Gauges
Reg.162 Mountings on Flat Plates
Reg.163 Bolts and Nuts
Reg.164 Access
Reg.165 Compensating Rings and Frames for Openings in Shells
Reg.166 Doors and Cross Bars
Reg.167 Raised Manhole Frames and Cover Plates
Reg.168 Position of Manhole in Shell
Reg.169 Compensation Rings to Manholes
Reg.170 Compensation for cutting large holes in Shell Type Boilers
Reg.171 Rivets securing compensating rings and Stand Pipes
Reg.172A Rivet Heads
Reg.172B Tolerances on shanks
Reg.172C Rivet Holes
Reg.173 Riveting
Reg.174 Fullering and Caulking
Reg.175 Maximum pressure
Reg.176 Formula for Working Pressure of Shell
Reg.177 Methods of calculating the strength of riveted joints
Reg.178 When Pitch exceeds maximum allowed
Reg.179 Butt Straps and spacing of rivets below requirements
Reg.180 Percentage of Welded and Strapped Seams
Reg.181 Percentage to be allowed for Solid Rolled Shells
Reg.182 Thickness of Butt Straps
Reg.183 Maximum Pitch of Rivets in longitudinal joints
Reg.184 Spacing of rows of rivets
Reg.185 Circumferential and End Seams of Water Tube Boilers
Reg.186 Compensation for Manholes and other openings
Reg.187 Uncompensated holes in Water Tube Boilers
Reg.188 Complete hemisphere without stays or other support made of one or more plates and subject to internal pressure
Reg.189 Dished ends subject to internal pressure
Reg.190 Dished ends subject to external pressure
Reg.191 Dished ends of Lancashire and Cornish Type Boilers
Reg.192 Dished shell and firebox crowns
Reg.193 Flat plates supported by solid screwed stays, marginal seams or flanges
Reg.194 Flat plates supported by stays and nuts and large washers or strips or doublings
Reg.195 Flat tube plates
Reg.196 Plates supported by gusset stays
Reg.197 Flat Crown plates of Vertical Boilers
Reg.198 Circular flat ends of drums, etc., supported only at edges
Reg.199 Bar or bulb stiffened end plates and smoke-box tube plates of Loco-type boilers
Reg.200 Flat plate margins
Reg.201 Manholes and Mudholes in Flat Plates
Reg.202 Solid screwed stays
Reg.203 Stresses in steel jointed stays
Reg.204 Stay Tubes
Reg.205 Stays in tension and compression
Reg.206 Measurements of stayed areas in the end plates of Locotype and Vertical Boilers
Reg.207 Gusset Stays
Reg.208 Bolts and Studs
Reg.209 Compression of tube plates
Reg.210 Parts to be stayed
Reg.211 Minimum thickness and cross-section
Reg.212 Holding power of plain tubes
Reg.213 Tubes plates, other than ends of vertical boilers forming parts of outer shell
Reg.214 Curved tube plates of water-tube boilers
Reg.215 Efficiency of Ligament
Reg.216 Boiler and Superheater Tubes Subject to Internal Pressure
Reg.217 Headers and Section Boxes of Water Tube Boilers
Reg.218 Boiler Tubes (Smoke) Subject to External Pressure
Reg.219 Brass and Copper Tubes
Reg.220 Plain Furnaces of Horizontal Boilers
Reg.221 Corrugated Furnaces of Horizontal Boilers
Reg.222 Plain Furnaces of Vertical Boilers
Reg.223 Hemispherical Furnaces of Vertical Boilers
Reg.224 Corrugated Fireboxes of Vertical Boilers
Reg.225 Foundations of Vertical Boiler Furnaces
Reg.226 Foundations of Loco-type Boiler Fireboxes
Reg.227 Cross Tubes
Reg.228 Uptakes of Vertical Boilers
Reg.229 Girder stay for firebox crowns
Reg.230 Marshall Type
Reg.231 Garrett Type
Reg.232 Fowler Type
Reg.233 Fusion Welded and Seamless Forged Drums for Water Tube Boilers and Super Heaters
Reg.234 Materials of Construction
Reg.235 Seamless Forged Drums
Reg.236 Chemical Analysis
Reg.237 Freedom from defects
Reg.238 Heat Treatment
Reg.239 Mechanical Tests
Reg.240 A Selection of Test Pieces
Reg.240 B Tensile test pieces
Reg.240 C Tensile test
Reg.240 D Bend test pieces
Reg.240 E Bend Tests
Reg.241 Additional tests before rejection
Reg.242 Discard
Reg.243 Forging
Reg.243 A Tolerance

Reg.244 A

Tubes, Pipes in Boilers, Headers and Steel Castings
Reg.244 B Pipes
Reg.245 Headers
Reg.246 Steel Castings
Reg.247 Fusion Welded Drums
Reg.248 Equipment of Workshop
Reg.249 Constructional details and preparation for welding
Reg.250 Preparation of plates
Reg.251 Cylindrical shells of drums
Reg.252 Method of making welded joints
Reg.253 Type of welded joints
Reg.254 Number of joints
Reg.255 Position of the Tube holes
Reg.256 Circularity of drums
Reg.257 Mechanical test and test plates for fusion welded seams
Reg.258 Selection of Test Pieces*
Reg.259 Tensile Test Pieces
Reg.260 A Tensile Tests
Reg.260 B All-weld Metal
Reg.261 Bend Test Pieces
Reg.262 Bend Tests
Reg.263 Notched-Bar Impact Tests
Reg.264 Additional tests before rejection
Reg.265 A Non-Destructive Tests
Reg.265 B Radiographical Examination
Reg.265 C Magnetic particle flaw detection
Reg.265 D Dye-Penetrant flaw detection
Reg.266 A General
Reg.266 B Longitudinal Seams
Reg.266 C Circumferential Seams
Reg.266 D Removal of Defects
Reg.266 E Examination before Re-welding
Reg.266 F Process used for Repairs
Reg.266 G Radiographical Examination after Repairs
Reg.266 H Specimen Representing Repairs
Reg.266 I Diagram of Welded Repairs
Reg.267 A Heat Treatment
Reg.267 B Heat Treatment
Reg.267 C Heat Treatment
Reg.267 D Heat Treatment
Reg.267 E Heat Treatment
Reg.267 F Heat Treatment
Reg.267 G Heat Treatment
Reg.268 Hydraulic test at makers’ works
Reg.269 Inspection and Testing
Reg.270 Shells
Reg.271 Permissible working stresses for shells of Boiler and Integral Super-heater Drums and Headers
Reg.271 A Permissible working stresses for shells of Boiler and Integral Super-heater Drums and Headers
Reg.271 B Permissible working stresses for shells of Boiler and Integral Super-heater Drums and Headers
Reg.272 Fusion Welded and Seamless Forged Drums for Water Tube Boilers and Super Heaters
Reg.273 Longitudinal Stress
Reg.274 Intermediate Boiler Drum Supports
Reg.275 Shape of Dished End Plate
Reg.276 General
Reg.277 Dished End with Opening
Reg.278 End Plate subject to pressure on the concave side
Reg.279 A Standpipes and Nozzles
Reg.279 B Standpipe and nozzles welded to dished end plates
Reg.279 C Minimum thickness of Flanges
Reg.280 Attachment of Stand blocks and Branch Pipes by Welding
Reg.281 Requisite Mountings, Fittings and Auxiliaries
Reg.281 A Additional requirements for automatic boilers only
Reg.282 A General Requirements
Reg.282 B Limits of cast Iron
Reg.282 C Limits of copper alloy
Reg.283 Method Of Construction
Reg.284 Packing of Cocks
Reg.285 Covers and Spindles
Reg.286 Direction of Operation
Reg.287 Moving Parts
Reg.288 Flanges
Reg.289 Valve Seatings
Reg.290 Chests etc., in General
Reg.291 Special Requrements
Reg.292 Definition


Minimum Aggregate Area
Reg.294 Over pressure of Safety Valves
Reg.295 Pressure Drop
Reg.296 Attachment to Boiler
Reg.297 Opening in Shell
Reg.298 Discharge Passage
Reg.299 Drainage
Reg.300 Moving Parts
Reg.301 Bearings for Levers
Reg.302 Attachments of weights and Springs
Reg.303 Easing Gear
Reg.304 Lift
Reg.305 High and Low water Alarms
Reg.306 Final Settings
Reg.306 A Adjustment of safety valve set pressure
Reg.307 A Springs And Torsion Bars
Reg.307 B Torsion Bars
Reg.308 Dimensions
Reg.309 Determination of Working Pressure
Reg.310 Test
Reg.311 Extension Springs
Reg.312 Number of Effective Coils
Reg.313 Spacing of Coils
Reg.314 Finishing of Ends
Reg.315 Lever Valves
Reg.316 Steam Stop Valve
Reg.317 Blow-Down Cock Or Valve And Pipes
Reg.318 Blow-down Mountings
Reg.319 Blow-down Valve or Cock
Reg.320 Water Gauges
Reg.321 Drains
Reg.322 Protectors
Reg.323 Glass size
Reg.324 Safety Devices
Reg.325 Gauge columns
Reg.326 Isolating Cocks
Reg.327 Pressure Gauges
Reg.328 Connections
Reg.329 Gauge Cocks
Reg.330 Test Connections-Inspector’s Pressure Gauge Attachment
Reg.331 Fusible Plugs
Reg.332 Type
Reg.333 Material
Reg.334 Attachment to Boiler
Reg.335 Feed Valves
Reg.336 Operating position
Reg.336 A Requirements as to feed apparatus in certain cases
Reg.337 Material and Construction
Reg.338 Boiler and Super Heater Tubes, Headers and other Pressure Parts Tubes
Reg.339 Materials and Construction
Reg.340 Rectangular Headers Symmetrical in Form
Reg.341 Headers Irregular in Form
Reg.342 (a) Cylindrical Headers
Reg.342 (b) End Attachments
Reg.343 Pipes
Reg.344 Material
Reg.345 Condition of Pipes
Reg.346 Mechanical Tests
Reg.347 (a) Flattening test (for pipes up to and including 102 mm. (4 in.) Nominal bore)
Reg.347 (b) Cold bend test (for pipes over 102 mm. (4in.) Nominal bore)
Reg.347 (c) Bend test on the weld
Reg.347 (d) Additional test
Reg.347 (e) Tensile test
Reg.347 (f) Steam-Pipes and Fittings
Reg.348 Method of manufacture, Heat treatment and Marking
Reg.349 Steam-Pipes and Fittings
Reg.350 Steel Pipes
Reg.351 Cast Steel Pipes
Reg.352 Copper Pipes
Reg.353 A Flanges
Reg.353 B Flanges of Alloy Steel Pipes
Reg.353 C Non-Ferrous Flanges
Reg.354 Screwed on Flanges
Reg.355 Loose Flanges
Reg.356 Riveted on Flanges
Reg.357 Welded on flanges
Reg.357 C Heat treatment after welding
Reg.358 Flanges of copper pipes
Reg.359 Standard Flanges
Reg.360 Joints
Reg.361 Wrought Bends
Reg.361 A Butt-welding fittings
Reg.362 A Branches, Bosses and Drain pockets
Reg.362 B External reinforcement
Reg.362 C Thickness where no external reinforcement is provided
Reg.363 Blow–down pipes
Reg.364 Valves Chests
Reg.365 A Steam Receivers, Separators, Catch Waters, Accumulators and Similar Vessels
Reg.365 B Construction and Workmanship
Reg.365 C Access to shells
Reg.365 D Compensating Rings to Opening and Doors
Reg.365 E Branches and other Connections
Reg.365 F Shell Joints
Reg.366 Determination of Working Pressure
Reg.366 B End Plates
Reg.366 C Branches
Reg.366 D Inspection during construction
Reg.367 Steel Screwed and Socketed Joints and Mountings of Steel
Reg.368 Bronze Screwed and Socketed joints and mountings and fittings of bronze
Reg.369 Reducing Valve
Reg.370 Flexibility
Reg.371 Pipe work supports
Reg.372 Drainage
Reg.373 Freedom from rust and other foreign matter
Reg.374 Steam-Pipes and Fittings
Reg.375 Regulations for the Registration of Boilers and Inspection of Boilers and Steam-Pipes
Reg.376 Preparation for Inspection
Reg.377 Hydraulic test of boilers for registration
Reg.378 Preparation for hydraulic tests
Reg.379 Procedure of hydraulic tests
Reg.380 Steam tests
Reg.381 Procedure for registration
Reg.382 Engraving of registry number
Reg.383 Measurement of heating surface
Reg.384 Boiler rating
Reg.385 Registration fee
Reg.386 Memorandum of Inspection Book
Reg.387 Registration Book
Reg.387 A Maintenance of Records
Reg.388 Transfer of Memorandum of Inspection Book and Registration Book
Reg.389 Grant of certificate


Procedure for inspection of installed boilers
Reg.390 B Scale Oils, etc
Reg.390 C Corrosion, Grooving
Reg.390 D Stays
Reg.390 E Manholes and other Openings
Reg.390 F Fire Surfaces.-Bulging, Blistering, Leaks
Reg.390 G Lap Joints, Fire Cracks
Reg.390 H Testing Staybolts
Reg.390 I Tubes -Their defects, etc
Reg.390 J Ligaments between tube holes
Reg.390 K Steam Pockets
Reg.390 L Pipe Connections and Fittings
Reg.390 M Water column
Reg.390 N Baffling-Water tube boilers
Reg.390 O Localization of heat
Reg.390 P Suspended boilers-Freedom of expansion
Reg.390 Q Safety Valves
Reg.390 R Steam Gauges
Reg.391 Calculation of Wasted Shell
Reg.391 A Aging of boilers
Reg.392 Repairs to boilers and steam pipes
Reg.392 A Repairs to boilers and steam pipes
Reg.392 B Welding
Reg.392 C Riveting and Other Repairs
Reg.392 D Regulations for the Registration of Boilers and Inspection of Boilers and Steam-Pipes
Reg.392 E Regulations for the Registration of Boilers and Inspection of Boilers and Steam-Pipes
Reg.392 F Regulations for the Registration of Boilers and Inspection of Boilers and Steam-Pipes
Reg.392 G Regulations for the Registration of Boilers and Inspection of Boilers and Steam-Pipes
Reg.392 H Regulations for the Registration of Boilers and Inspection of Boilers and Steam-Pipes
Reg.392 I Regulations for the Registration of Boilers and Inspection of Boilers and Steam-Pipes
Reg.392 J Regulations for the Registration of Boilers and Inspection of Boilers and Steam-Pipes
Reg.392 K Regulations for the Registration of Boilers and Inspection of Boilers and Steam-Pipes
Reg.392 L Regulations for the Registration of Boilers and Inspection of Boilers and Steam-Pipes
Reg.392 M Regulations for the Registration of Boilers and Inspection of Boilers and Steam-Pipes
Reg.392 N Regulations for the Registration of Boilers and Inspection of Boilers and Steam-Pipes
Reg.392 O Regulations for the Registration of Boilers and Inspection of Boilers and Steam-Pipes
Reg.392 P Regulations for the Registration of Boilers and Inspection of Boilers and Steam-Pipes
Reg.393 Regulations for the Registration of Boilers and Inspection of Boilers and Steam-Pipes
Reg.394 Inspections of Steam Pipe
Reg.395 Submission of plans of steam-pipes
Reg.395 A Inspection fee for boilers and parts thereof constructed in India
Reg.395 B Fees for inspection of Pipes
Reg.395 C Fee for inspection of valves
Reg.395 D Fees for inspection of components of valves
Reg.395 E Fees for inspection of feed water heaters and other fittings
Reg.395 F Marking
Reg.395 G Fee for inspection of spares and scantlings
Reg.397 Electrode Boilers
Reg.398 Electrode Boilers
Reg.399 Electrode Boilers
Reg.400 Riveted Steel Boilers
Reg.401 Working Pressure of Shells
Reg.402 Strength of Riveted Joints
Reg.403 Thickness of Butt-Straps
Reg.404 Maximum pitch of rivets in Longitudinal Joints
Reg.405 Spacing of rows of rivets
Reg.406 End and Circumferential Seams
Reg.407 Manholes and other openings in Shells
Reg.408 Dished End Plates with pressure on concave side
Reg.409 Seating for Mounting
Reg.410 Flange-Thickness and Drilling
Reg.411 Pads
Reg.412 Unstayed Flat-End Plates


Thickness of Angle Rings
Reg.414 Bolts, Nuts and Studs
Reg.415 Hydraulic Test
Reg.416 Construction and Workmanship
Reg.417 Selection of Test pieces
Reg.418 Tensile test
Reg.419 Bend Test
Reg.420 Nick Break Test
Reg.421 Retests
Reg.422 Specimens after Tests
Reg.423 Heat Treatment
Reg.424 Hydraulic and Hammer Test
Reg.425 Determination for Working Pressure
Reg.426 Welds and compensation for manholes and branches
Reg.427 Manholes and other openings in Shells
Reg.428 Dished End Plates with pressure on Concave side
Reg.429 Unstayed Flat End Plates
Reg.430 Thickness of Angle Rings
Reg.431 Tests for Class II Fusion Welded Seams
Reg.432 Tests for Class II Fusion Welded Seams
Reg.433 Hydraulic Test
Reg.434 Determination of Working Pressure
Reg.435 End Plates
Reg.436 Manholes and other opening in the Shells
Reg.437 Mountings, Fittings and Connections (For all types of Electrode Boilers)
Reg.500 Application of standard conditions and exceptions thereto
Reg.501 General requirements
Reg.502 Modification of formula
Reg.503 Maker’s Certificates for Steel Economisers
Reg.504 Hydraulic test for new economisers
Reg.505 Workmanship and manufacture
Reg.506 Process of manufacture
Reg.507 Test bars
Reg.508 Number of tensile tests
Reg.509 Standard test piece
Reg.510 Cast Iron Economisers
Reg.511 Joint bolts and studs for Cast Iron Economisers
Reg.512 Economiser water outlet temperature
Reg.513 Tubes: Construction
Reg.514 Tubes: Working Pressure
Reg.515 Headers: Construction
Reg.516 A Working Pressure
Reg.516 B Cylindrical headers
Reg.517 Attachment of tubes to headers
Reg.518 Joint bolts, studs and flanges
Reg.519 A Valves and Mountings
Reg.519 B Relief valves
Reg.519 C Pressure Gauge
Reg.519 D Air Release valves
Reg.519 E Below off drain valves
Reg.519 F Non-return valves in return feed line
Reg.519 G Reserve Flues
Reg.519 H Explosion Doors
Reg.519 I Hydraulic Test
Reg.519 J Feed Line
Reg.519 K Non-return valve
Reg.520 Feed Pipes
Reg.521 Steel feed pipes
Reg.522 Cast Iron feed pipes
Reg.523 Copper feed pipes
Reg.523 A Feed Heaters and similar vessels fitted to feed pipes
Reg.523 B Working Pressure
Reg.523 C Safety valve requirement in Feed Heaters and similar vessels
Reg.524 Regulations for Registration and Inspection of Economisers and Feed Pipes
Reg.525 Procedure for Registration
Reg.526 Procedure at subsequent inspection
Reg.527 Procedure for Hydraulic test
Reg.528 Memorandum of Inspection Book
Reg.529 A Registration Books
Reg.529 B Transfer of Memorandum of Inspection Book and Registration Books
Reg.530 Grant of certificate
Reg.531 Casual visits
Reg.532 Economiser rating
Reg.533 Registration fee
Reg.534 Engraving of registry number
Reg.534 A Inspection of Feed Pipes
Reg.534 B Submission of plans of Feed Pipes
Reg.535 Shell type Boilers of Welded Construction
Reg.536 General Requirements
Reg.536 A Equipment of Workshop
Reg.537 Materials of Construction
Reg.538 Covered Electrodes
Reg.539 A Plain and Stay Tubes
Reg.539 B Seamless Steel Crosstubes and uptake Tubes
Reg.540 Construction and Workmanship
Reg.541 Preparation of Plates
Reg.542 Stress Relieving
Reg.543 Cylindrical Shells
Reg.544 Circularity
Reg.545 End Plates, Crown Plates and Tube Plates
Reg.546 Internal Flues
Reg.547 A Fireboxes and Combustion Chambers

Reg.547 B

Hemispherical fireboxes
Reg.547 C Loco-type fireboxes
Reg.547 D Water-cooled combustion chambers
Reg.548 Uptakes
Reg.549 Cross Tubes
Reg.550 Bar stays and Firebox stays
Reg.551 Girder stays for Firebox and Combustion Chamber Crowns
Reg.552 Gusset stays
Reg.553 Access
Reg.554 Manhole frames, mouthpieces and doors
Reg.555 Seatings for mountings
Reg.555 A Standpipes
Reg.555 B Saddles
Reg.555 C Pads
Reg.555 D Attachment of Standpipes
Reg.555 E Tensile Tests
Reg.555 F Attachment of water and pressure gauges
Reg.555 G Bolts and Nuts
Reg.556 Compensating plates
Reg.557 Definition of the terms ‘Fusion Weld’
Reg.558 Method of Welding
Reg.559 Types of welded shell seams
Reg.560 Repairs to welded seams
Reg.561 A Tests on welded seams
Reg.561 B Test for Class I boilers
Reg.561 C Test for Class II Boilers
Reg. 561 D Test for Class III boiler
Reg.562 Shell type Boilers of Welded Construction
Reg.563 Classification of Fusion-Welded Boilers
Reg.564 Shells
Reg.565 Horizontal shelves of tube plates forming part of the shell
Reg.566 Dished end plates for Lancashire and Cornish boilers
Reg.567 Dished ends subject to internal pressure
Reg.567 A Dished ends subject to internal pressure
Reg.568 Dished ends subject to external pressure
Reg.569 Hemispherical crowns
Reg.570 Manholes and other openings in shells
Reg.571 Compensation for openings in shells
Reg.571 A Area to be compensated
Reg.571 B Compensating area
Reg571 C Compensating plates
Reg571 D Compensation for openings in shells
Reg.572 Raised manhole frames, cover plates and joint bolts
Reg.573 Shell type Boilers of Welded Construction
Reg.574 Stayed Flat surfaces (other than Crowns of Vertical Boilers).
Reg.575 Flat crown plates for vertical boilers
Reg.576 Wide water spaces between and around tube nests
Reg.577 A Flat tube plates and tube nests
Reg.577 B Parts of flat plates within tube nests
Reg.578 Manhole openings in flat plates
Reg.579 A Plain tubes
Reg.579 B Plain tubes
Reg.579 C Plain tubes
Reg.579 D Plain tubes
Reg.580 Pitch of tubes
Reg.581 Stay tubes
Reg.582 Compression of tube plates
Reg.583 Girders for fire-box and combustion chamber crowns
Reg.584 Girder sling stays
Reg.585 A Stays for fire-boxes and circular furnaces
Reg.585 B Circumferential stays for circular furnaces and fire-bo
Reg.586 Fire-box Crown stays for Loco-type Boilers
Reg.587 Longitudinal Bar Stays
Reg.588 Loads on Stay Tubes and Bar Stays
Reg.589 Flat Plate Margins
Reg.590 Breathing space
Reg.591 Gusset Link, Brace and Similar Stays
Reg.591 A Load on each stay
Reg.591 B Gusset plates
Reg.591 C Link stays
Reg.591 D Anchor plates angles, link pins and the line members
Reg.591 E Weld attachment
Reg.592 Shell type Boilers of Welded Construction
Reg.593 Plain Furnaces of Vertical Boilers
Reg.594 Corrugated Fireboxes of Vertical Boilers
Reg.595 Hemispherical Furnaces of Vertical Boilers
Reg.596 Foundations of Vertical Boilers Furnaces
Reg.597 Foundations of Loco-type Boiler Fireboxes
Reg.598 Uptakes of Vertical Boilers
Reg.599 Cross Tubes
Reg.600 Pads Welded to shell or the attachment of Flanged Mountings
Reg.601 Shell type Boilers of Welded Construction
Reg.602 Qualification Tests for Welders Engaged in Welding of Boilers and Steam-Pipes under Construction, Erection and Fabrication at Site in India and in Repairing Boilers and Steam-Pipes by Weldingt
Reg.603 Definition
Reg.604 Engaging of Certified Welders
Reg.605 Initial
Reg.605 A Issue of duplicate certificate
Reg.606 Production of certificate
Reg.607 A Validity of certificate
Reg.607 B Re-validation of certificate
Reg.607 C Validity of certificate
Reg.608 Age and experience
Reg.609 Tests for initial qualification of a welder
Reg.610 Tests for Requalification
Reg.611 A Examination of test specimens for initial qualification tests
Reg.611 B Fillet welded plate specimens
Reg.611 C Groove and fillet welded pipe and tube specimens
Reg.611 D Welded Tube Joints
Reg.611 E Additional tests before rejection
Reg.612 Examination of Test Specimens for Requalification Tests
Reg.613 Awarding of Marks
Reg.614 Award of Certificate
Reg.615 Maintenance of records
Reg.616 Fees for examination of welders
Reg.617 Penalty
Reg.618 Small Inductrial Boilers General
Reg.619 Definition
Reg.620 Extent to which variation from the standard conditions laid down in the preceding Chapters is permissible
Reg.621 Valves, Gauges, Fittings and Feed Supply
Reg.622 Registration, Operation and Maintenance
Reg.623 Feed Water for Boiler
Reg.624 Requirements
Reg.625 Sampling
Reg.626 Test Methods
Reg.627 Deleted
Reg.628 Deleted
Reg.629 Deleted
Reg.630 A Deleted
Reg.630 B Deleted
Reg.630 C Deleted
Reg.630 D Deleted
Reg.631 Deleted
Reg.632 Deleted
Reg.633 Deleted
Reg.634 Deleted
Reg.635 Deleted

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