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Reg. 382

Engraving of registry number


The registry number of every boiler shall, within a period of one month from the date of receipt thereof be cut in the front plate or any such position as shall be pointed out by the Inspector.  The device for each State and Union territory shall be distinguished by the following letters :-

                Andaman and Nicobar Islands                                                       A&N

                Andhra Pradesh                                                                                  AP

                Assam                                                                                                    A

                Bihar                                                                                                       BR

Chhatisgarh                                                                                          CG             

                Dadra & Nagar Haveli                                                                         DNH

                 Daman & Diu                                                                                       DU

                 Delhi                                                                                                       D

                 Goa                                                                                                         G

                 Gujarat                                                                                                    GT

                 Haryana                                                                                                  HA

                 Himachal Pradesh                                                                               HP

                 Karnataka                                                                                               KTK

                 Kerala                                                                                                     K

                 Laccadive, Minicoy & Aminidivi Islands                                            LI

                 Madhya Pradesh                                                                                   MP

                 Maharashtra                                                                                          MR

                 Manipur                                                                                                  MA

                 Meghalaya                                                                                             ML

                 Nagaland                                                                                               NL

                Orissa                                                                                                      OR

                Pondicherry                                                                                             PY

                 Punjab                                                                                                     PI

                 Rajasthan                                                                                               RJ

                 Tamilnadu                                                                                              T

                 Tripura                                                                                                     TR

                 Uttaranchal                                                                                             UR

                 Uttar Pradesh                                                                                         UP

                 West Bengal                                                                                           WBL


                The distinguishing letters shall be engraved above a number and separated therefrom by a horizontal line 64 mm in length.  The letters and figures shall be 25 mm in height and of suitable breadth, provided that in the case of small boilers the letters and figures of the device may, in the discretion of the Chief Inspector, be reduced to 10 mm in height.  The whole shall be enclosed in a rectangle, the upper and lower sides of which shall be 76 mm apart and 6 mm clear of the top of the letters and the bottom of the figures respectively as indicated below :-






                In the case of registration of small industrial boilers, the letter "S" shall be added as a prefix to the registration number below the distinguishing letters for State or Union territories as indicated below ; 




 S -                           

The side lines shall be at equal distance clear from the figures.  The engraving shall not be less than 0.4 mm in depth.


The engraving shall be complete and ready for verification within one month from the date of receipt of registry number, and the fact shall be reported to the Chief Inspector of Boilers within this period.

c) Boilers having registry devices different from those prescribed herein shall have such devices altered or crossed out and engraved a new one in conformity with those prescribed above.  The original numbers of such boilers shall be retained in the new device, provided that in the case of boilers which were registered in a State or Union Territory which has since become extinct, a new number shall be given by the State or Union Territory where the boiler is operating.  A number once allotted to a boiler shall not be used again for another boiler.
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